QuickStart Installation

QuickStart package is to minimize time and effort in installing the theme as per Demo site. Please kindly note that, with QuickStart, all your existing data will be overwritten. Thus, we recommend using QuickStart for your first installation or just in case you want to refresh your site to the very beginning.

1. Upload the folder quickstart to your server. In QuickStart folder you will see the extracted folder that includes all sample data.

2. Create a database for your Magento store (using phpMyAdmin).

QuickStart Installation documentation

3. To install, open a browser and navigate to your URL (where the QuickStart package uploaded) to load the default Magento installer.

QuickStart Installation documentation

4. Kindly follow each step of the Installer so that the installation process can be set.


  • Do not use “localhost” in URL, otherwise you could not log into your Admin area (you should use your local IP in case of installing on your computer).
  • Leave “Tables prefix” field blank.
QuickStart Installation documentation

Video guide

This video show you how to install magento quickstart. It will help you save much time of installing and configuring if you plan to start your site from the beginning. In this tutorial, we use quickstart package provided by ubertheme.com. But it’s the same for all.