UB Mega menu for Magento 2

“Out with the old, in with the new.”
If anything, that mantra would best fit the world wide web and everything linked to it. And why shouldn’t it? As with the fashion industry, when it comes to the virtual world, a lot of trends simply come and go. So with several months already into the year 2017, you might well expect that many of those web design trends that have debuted or been in season the previous year is no longer the mainstream these days.

You wouldn’t be far off mark if you think that way, but it’s also good to note that web design trends and fashion trends have a key difference; web design trends aren’t just all about visuals. So web design trends aren’t immediately rendered outdated and obsolete after a year, unless of course these designs no longer work for the majority.

Floating elements, hamburger menus, parallax scrolling—all these became popular for some time until better design options have become available. While these trends faded in time, the trend for mega menus continues.

Apparently, mega menus are still popular among web design experts and developers. Wondering why? This article will outline 3 key reasons your Magento store would benefit from having a mega menu.

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In the ecommerce industry, site performance means a lot since it creates a different impact on the sales and support of an online store. Customers are increasingly impatient and will abandon the shopping cart within seconds if the store doesn’t load up quickly.


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With an army of open source innovators, the Magento keeps the merchants at the front when it comes to online shopping trends. By pairing Magento with a top-notch hosting plan, your store can burn rubber right off the starting line.
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Omni-channel Your Portal to Maximum Leads

The virtual world is nothing short of dynamic. With the virtual landscape fast evolving, it comes as no surprise that innovations in terms of marketing strategies have become a necessity for businesses to survive the sea of competition. Now, more than ever, sales and marketing are hot topics as businesses compete for the best leads and increased conversion rates. But with all your competitors vying for the same thing—a good sales figure—how can you hope to thrive? This is where Omni-Channel comes in. But before we consider what Omni-Channel is and how you could maximize its potentials for you to gain an edge over your competitors, let us first go back to the importance of generating leads. Understanding this basic marketing concept will help us appreciate the value of using Omni-Channel when developing your marketing strategy.

Omni-channel - Your Portal to Maximum Lead

Omni-channel -- Your Portal to Maximum Lead

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Customer Journey

Once upon a time, when e-commerce was just nothing more than a startup idea for businesses, getting customers to click the right buttons and making the purchase was as easy as 1-2-3. All you had to do was launch an e-commerce website and zap! You’ve got the sales that you needed. You had a market that was hungry for stuff, and you were only too willing to feed their shopping appetite.

But of course, that was once upon a time. Somewhere along the way, the story has taken a 90-degree shift, and now businesses are scrambling online to catch up with where the happy customer online has left the usual marketing trail.

As time went on, it became more and more challenging for you to win your market over and to get them to be your buyers. The e-commerce landscape evolved. Businesses identical to yours began popping up—one after another. But it was not just about the fiercer competition. It was also about how the average consumer could now have better access to information, and with only a few taps and swipes at that!

With the ‘buyer’s journey’ (as marketers often call it) shifting into something non-linear, e-commerce began to take a whole new perspective. The shift in the ‘buyer’s journey’ continues to pose a challenge even to the most experienced online seller. So if you’re having a tough time targeting the right people at the right time, then rest assured that you’re not alone. And you’re not a hopeless case!

To find out how your business can best deal with the challenge, let’s first have a look at the buyer’s journey and understand what actually takes place before you make or lose a sale.

Buyer's eCommerce Journey

A deeper understanding of your buyer’s Ecommerce Journey

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A rocking cart-page

Ahh! The cart page! This is basically the page that rocks your items straight to check-out. But just as the saying goes, do not count the chickens before the eggs have hatched. Think of this: your cart-page is the incubator where premature sales are waiting for approval. So how can you make sure that your eggs, I mean, your items, rather, can come out of the checkout process successfully? Just like an incubator, make sure your cart page is irresistibly hot that your visitors cannot say “no” to purchase! Here’s a list of pointers for you to consider:

A rocking cart-page

Create a Rocking Cart-page that Secures Your Conversion!

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Error 404 Optimization

A sea of proverbs to live by have been created with regards to dealing with mistakes and, quite frankly, they serve humanity with so much goodness. One of my favourite, I must say is this: If you fall, fall with grace. But before I begin my litany of life’s drama, let’s talk about this inevitable deadly mistake that could happen to your website: Error 404.

What is Error 404 and why is it deadly?

Simply put, you’ll get an error if the webpage you’re trying to reach couldn’t be found on the server. Now there can be several reasons why you got that error, and we’ll be explaining that in a bit. But here’s what you should keep in mind: Error 404 is a client-side mistake that you should not ignore.

Here’s why: An error 404 will most likely result in the drop of customer satisfaction levels. And you know what could most likely happen next? The increase of your bounce rate. What is a bounce rate? It is when your customers head over to your competitors’ sites. And if that isn’t scary enough, here’s the scariest consequence: they will most likely end up purchasing from there instead. And there goes your hope for conversions! And just like a lever effect, the higher your bounce rate is, the lower your conversion rate becomes. Continue reading

So you have the perfect set of products and you’re pretty confident that the market will love you. You’ve made sure that every detail is in order—your advertising campaigns, your marketing strategies, your product’s quality. But wait! Are you sure you’ve got all your bases covered?

You see, you may have the perfect product line, but if you do not have the perfect strategy for presenting your products to the market, that won’t do you any good.

Do you see what we’re getting at here? Yes, we’re talking about your online product catalogue. If you’re aiming for more than just a ‘break even’ for your sales, then at this point you should already have seen to it that your e-commerce site is not only functional; it should be appealing as well.

Product catalogues may sound like something from the last century, but the truth is, it’s a crucial aspect that you should be most concerned about.

Just think: How many printed catalogues have you browsed through over the years, only to find yourself dumping them in the trash or stashing them in a corner without even purchasing anything from them? While your site’s visitors can’t possibly dump your catalogues in the bin, there is always that distinct possibility that they will simply ignore the products on your category page. That’s pretty much like stashing your catalogue into a forgotten cranny in their minds.

So how do you keep that from happening? How do you make sure that your category page works to encourage your market to buy your products? This anatomy of a perfect category page will help you to do just that. Continue reading

5 Ways to Boost Magento Holiday Sales

Just a few months more and it’s finally going to be the season that you are waiting for: the holidays (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New year)! And with the holiday season fast approaching, it is important that you prepare NOW for when your target market would be most likely keen to spend on your products!

Read on for five ways you could boost your Magento holiday sales.

5 Ways to Boost Your Magento Holiday Sales

5 Ways to Boost Your Magento Holiday Sales

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Ever tried visiting a site and finding yourself face to face with those boxes that pop out on your screen while you’re having fun surfing through a page? Chances are that you have. These pop-ups, as they are called, are becoming increasingly common. Online shops and blogs are good examples of sites that employ this marketing strategy. In fact, even the least trafficked of those sites use pop-ups!

But have you wondered why pop-ups remain a popular marketing technique despite the fact that many seem uninterested in anything but finding that little ‘x’ button to close each one that pops out?

Well, the answer can only be one thing—pop-ups, when done right, do the work!

How to Make Winning Pop-Ups

Of course, the key words here are ‘done right’, and that is exactly what you’re reading this article for. We’re here to let you in on the secret to making winning pop-ups and getting more bucks roll in for your Magento store. We’re here to walk you through the steps to creating the kind of pop-up that your website’s visitors would not want to close; the kind of pop-up that would have them giving you their email addresses. Continue reading

5 powerful e-mail marketing strategies

Email marketing is among the most effective tools you can have as an ecommerce business owner. Really, this is one of your strongest aces in customer relations and product promotion. With its cost efficiency and an added benefit of building rapport to your customers, email marketing is definitely something you should consider to foster a life-time long relations with your clients.

However, before jumping straight to your keyboard and sending e-mails to your website visitors, there are several things to consider in designing an effective email marketing approach:

1. Adopt different campaign series

a. Welcome series

Take the opportunity to hook your visitors up the moment they sign up on your website. Offer welcome discounts for their first purchase. This doesn’t only boost your conversions but also foster a good relationship with your new customers. Consider this an effective advertisement for your website while giving your clients a good first impression on your brand. Continue reading