Pop-Ups That Pop Your Leads Up

Ever tried visiting a site and finding yourself face to face with those boxes that pop out on your screen while you’re having fun surfing through a page? Chances are that you have. These pop-ups, as they are called, are becoming increasingly common. Online shops and blogs are good examples of sites that employ this marketing strategy. In fact, even the least trafficked of those sites use pop-ups!

But have you wondered why pop-ups remain a popular marketing technique despite the fact that many seem uninterested in anything but finding that little ‘x’ button to close each one that pops out?

Well, the answer can only be one thing—pop-ups, when done right, do the work!

How to Make Winning Pop-Ups

Of course, the key words here are ‘done right’, and that is exactly what you’re reading this article for. We’re here to let you in on the secret to making winning pop-ups and getting more bucks roll in for your Magento store. We’re here to walk you through the steps to creating the kind of pop-up that your website’s visitors would not want to close; the kind of pop-up that would have them giving you their email addresses.

How to Make Winning Pop-Ups

How to Make Winning Pop-Ups

But before we could head right onto the techniques of pop-up creation, it is imperative that you first understand the appeal behind this marketing strategy.

The first fact that you have to understand is this:

Pop Ups Don’t Have to be Annoying

Yes, that’s right. Pop-ups can be annoying, alright. BUT they do not have to be so! The good news is that pop-ups can be crafted in a way that would attract, instead of repel, your customers.

If you find that hard to believe, then try to recall the last time you have come across a pop-up that has got you keying in your e-mail address just to get that freebie offered by a site. You most likely have tried that—at least once in your entire web surfing experience.

And that brings us to our next point:

Pop Ups are POWERFUL

The very reason why pop-ups hold much appeal for online stores is its efficiency in generating leads. For your Magento store, lead generation is a very crucial aspect. The more leads you have, the higher your prospects are for conversion.

How so?

Say, for instance, that you have a new product line. Naturally, you wish to advertise that to your target audience. But wouldn’t it be easier and more effective if you advertise directly to those who you know are interested in what you have to offer? Generating leads allows you to do just that, and this is where the pop-up strategy comes in.

Your pop-up gives you the opportunity to catch the eye of those who drop by your site and take advantage of their initial interest by getting their e-mail address. And with the right pop-ups, your mailing list can grow substantially within a relatively short period of time, increasing your site’s conversion rates. Matter of fact, Weber reveals that they owe 1,375% of additional subscribers to special pop-ups!

Now, do you see why you should be interested in employing pop ups for your online store?

Anatomy of a winning pop up

As mentioned above and as you could see for yourself, pop-ups do have the potential to be annoying. In fact, pop-ups can cause a potential customer, not just to exit your site as fast as possible, but to distrust your company and what it represents.

But pop-ups can also land you on the top, and below are the guidelines for you to make sure that happens. We’ll call these guidelines, the anatomy of winning pop-ups. Only when you take note of the following dos and don’ts for your pop-up can you come up with a marketing technique that won’t flop.

Let’s begin by considering these pointers for pop-up creation.

To do list:

1. Consider delayed pop-ups

Consider the amount of time your visitors spend while checking your website, the key factor is delay. This prevents the annoyance which a web visitor may feel that when logging into a site, a window just suddenly pops up without allowing some time to check on what your website has to offer. Testers have found out that 60 second mark in the website visit is just ample to delay and optimize the conversion bounce rate. So, in creating your pop ups, make sure it stays within the time frame your visitor can manage to check and read what’s on it.

Consider delayed pop-ups

Consider delayed pop-ups

Allow your visitor to scroll halfway through the page before introducing your pop-up.

2. Size matters (use small pop ups)

Extra large pop-ups are also hideous, this push the visitors to leave. That one element that you need to test apart from shape, texture and other attribute is the size. Size matters in conversion, small pop ups is a win as it lowers annoyance among website visitors since it will not cover or hide behind the website. They may drag or put it aside and once decided, they will click on it.

It's better to use small pop ups

It’s better to use small pop ups

3. Go beyond conversions: Pop Ups for Customer’s Service

The reason why to put pop up on your blog page is to squeeze in a small window to fit what the website has to offer: products or services. But of course the whole chunk of content is featured in your website. Don’t dwell so much on getting hyping up on  conversion and leads, let them feel that they will get something in return out of the service and website you offer. Go beyond the mere pop up, the key factor is customer service and what they get by subscribing or clicking on the pop up window

4. Well written content

Whether it’s an e-commerce or service related website, the idea is to send the customers or visitors the relevant call to action through well written and catchy content in your pop-ups. One thing to consider is the user behavior. Your content should cater to those who are in a hurry, who doesn’t have the luxury of time to go through your product features. Offer something new and appealing with a sense of urgency that it’s hard for them to refuse not to click ‘yes’ to our keywords used.

5. Respect visitor’s refusal

We should always consider the choices made by our customers if them to keep coming back. To avoid so much disorientation and annoyance, it’s a hideous thing to have a rather multiple type of pop ups that look aggressive and “spammy”. We don’t want our customers to just close the entire website because of that one pitfall we failed to check. This is not all about not wanting them to feel annoyed but to make them responsible for their choice and help them make sure that what they’re getting into is what they really want and feel appropriate.

Provide an option for your customer’s refusal.

Provide an option for your customer’s refusal.

To Don’t List:

1. Irrelevant pop-ups

Pop-ups are an effective marketing tool but to use them irresponsibly could get worst than what we’re expecting. A survey says in 2013 that 7 percent of Internet users say that irrelevant pop ups are ugly and annoying. Chances are it may be thought of something related to spam and malwares and they will never be coming back again to check your website. You’re working on a fashion website yet you’re pop-up asks you to join a casino lottery, looks irrelevant, right?

2. Obtrusive Pop-Ups

We don’t want to be tracked down by Google because of our rather intrusive and offensive pop ups that almost cover the entire website. We don’t want to see the look of our visitor because of our stubborn pop-ups that just won’t go away. Google will rank lower all websites with intrusive pop ups and it’s the very least that could happen if we will just follow an intrusive free website protocol.

3. Overly Colorful Pops

Unless your website is selling Barbie dolls or candies, creating overly colorful pop ups is inexcusable. But, to create pages with very noticeable choices of colors that clearly don’t match the website’s look at all is confusing to the eyes. And if the color shade you chose is no longer relevant to the concept, it’s tragedy to your business. So, don’t just pick a color according to your personal preference, because if does not go well with your website, chances are, your company branding will be compromised.

Avoid Overly Colorful Pops

Not this kind of pop up!

And please, not this kind of pop up! This is just plain irrelevant, obtrusive, and shocking, not to mention spammy.


Pop-ups are a cool and a very beneficial marketing tool but the effectiveness of it relies on how skilled and knowledgeable marketing analysts we are. We don’t want our audience to feel harassed or annoyed because they are our bread and butter. Pop ups are created out of relevance of what we are offering, stick to the purpose and respect the choices of our customers. Even if we’re doing it virtually, make them feel that we’re offering them personalized and appropriate pop ups that cater to their needs. The secret is to test every attributes: size, color, message and design and study your audience’s behavior. Once done right, then we could potentially drive the marketing strategy to a success.

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