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Automate the migration process

When Magento 2 becomes mainstream and generally available, moving your store to Magento 2 to take full advantage of this new platform is crucial. So this’s where the UB Data Migration Tool helps to automate such migration step with ease.

Magento Data Migration Tool - Automate

Flexible scope of data migration

Easily define the scope of data you wish to migrate, for instance simply tick one store or all stores, specific categories or all categories etc., at your own choice.

Magento Data Migration Tool - Configure

Friendly User Interface

We try to keep UB Data Migration tool as simple to use as possible, with step by step visualised progress, even your Magento webmaster can handle the migration yourself.

Magento Data Migration Tool - UI

Flexible source and destination data

You might find other tools that require the source and destination db to be on the same MySQL server. However, with our migration tool, the source and destination db could be from different MySQL servers.

Magento Data Migration Tool - Data sources

Free and Native for Magento 2.0

Magento 2 uses new technologies which differ from Magento 1.x, so it’s always a plus point to have a native tool for Magento 2.0, and above all it is 100% FREE.

Magento Data Migration Tool - Free


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Kind of like it. The team did a good job on development