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May 6, 2022
Magento CE 2.4.3+

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Product listing – Multiple appearances support

Show your product list in smart layouts, beautiful design to engage your shop audience and maximize the conversion. UB Product supports multiple layouts, simply select a layout in the setting panel.

Magento page builder product listing layouts

Product listing – Multiple styles support

The product style setting includes options to On/off product elements: Title, Reviews, Prices, swatches, add to cart, add to compare, add to wishlist buttons

Ubertheme page builder extras module product styles

Product listing – Featured product styles

In one product listing section, you can set a product as the featured item with different style from the normal products listing.

Ubertheme page builder extras module featured product styles

Product listing – Multiple countdown timer styles

Enable and disable the countdown timer with 1 click. Select the pre-made styles and set the count down timer.

UB Magento page builder product countdown setting

Product listing – More options

Carousel option for all appearances

Options to configure the style and layout:

  • Easy to set number of products to show in a row on each viewport/breakpoint (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • Product’s thumbnail size setting
  • Featured product settings
  • On/off product elements: Title, Reviews, Prices, Swatches, Add to cart, Add to compare, Add to wishlist
UB Magento page builder product display settings

Category listing – multiple layouts support

Show your categories listing in beautiful and well structured layout. 5 layouts supported by default with multiple category styles support.

UB Magento page builder category listing display setting

Category listing – multiple category styles

Creating a beautiful category listing is never easy. Select a layout, select a category style and it’s ready to show to the world.

UB Magento page builder category styles

Category listing – advanced control settings

UB Magento Page Builder extras module provides multiple options to configure layout and style for the categories listing your ways: select multiple categories, set number of products per row in each responsive layout, configuring thumbnail corner, enable/disable carousel, and many more options.

UB Magento page builder categories listing settings

UB Hotspot – Drag and drop hotspot builder

Create unlimited beautiful hotspots with ease

  • Drag and drop hotspot builder
  • Dedicated hotspot for mobile layout
  • Easily filter and set product’s SKU to highlight product’s information on each Hotspot
  • Create multiple hotspot with ease: multiple icons, size setting, background color picker, and more
UB Magento page builder hotspot builder

Heading content type support

UB Page Builder Extras module: Add more advanced controls option for the core Heading content type including:

  • Supports multiple heading styles
  • Creating sub-heading with inline wysiwyg editor
  • Settings for padding, margin on different viewports: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
UB Magento page builder heading content type support

Heading content type setting

Update heading text, sub-heading, select style, set alignment, and it’s ready to be published.

UB Magento page builder heading content type settings

Responsive Margin, padding settings

Margin, padding settings in responsive layouts: desktop, tablet, and mobile layouts for Page Builder core content types:

  • Row
  • Column
  • Slider and Slide
  • Banner
  • Block
  • Buttons and Button Item
  • and more
Magento page builer responsive padding and margin settings


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