Important: Magento 2 Theme Pricing Changes

Today we are announcing that as of Oct 5th, 2017, all three Magento 2 extensions (UB Mega Menu, UB Content Slider and UB Quick View) will be available through the single Magento theme purchase and Developer Subscription (single Magento 2 Extension purchase will still be available as before here).

Magento 2 Theme Pricing Changes

Magento 2 Theme Pricing Changes

Starting today, we will make the following changes in the subscription plans:

Magento 2 theme pricing changes

The new price for Developer subscription ($499) will be effected as of Oct 15th 2017.

If you have purchased and are on the renewal plan, you will be able to renew your Developer subscription at the current rate $350 (with 30%OFF on renewal) till Oct 15th, 2017. We want to give you enough time to prepare for the change in plans, so it is up to you to take advantage of our current subscription price.

If you’re new to us, please browse our Magento 2 offerings below to learn more:

Why we’re making this change

Magento 2.0 beta version was first released back in Dec 2014, and our team has been tracking the progress and working hard to develop our products for Magento 2 since then. Because of the size and changes that Magento 2 undergoes, maintenance costs for Magento 2 are a big expense item on our budget. We had rare chance to lower the cost while it took us huge resources to provide active bug fixes maintenance with many tweaks and upgrade.

The new Magento 2 theme subscriptions are about decluttering purchase options and providing our users the best product possible in an easy affordable way. It also help us improve your experience with the full theme bundle while allowing us to guarantee that Ubertheme stays viable and innovative for years to come. With this in mind, we felt it would be the best time to move to a full theme package option.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any query relating to this announcement, feel free to leave your comment below or write directly to us at info (at)

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