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Aug 6, 2020 Update
UB Data Migration Pro v3.2.4 here. Fully compatible with Magento 2.4.0.

Sept 20, 2018 Update: UB Data Migration Pro version 3.1.6 has just been released -- here, with an absolutely brand new Dashboard UI. Fully compatible with Magento 2.2.6. It supports delta migration, PHP Memcached and fully ready for large-scale data migration.

Moving your store to Magento 2 to take full advantage of it’s new design is now possible for many shop owners. It’s clear to see a lot of improvements in the whole new Magento 2 structure, but there is one big disadvantage. The difference between Magento 1 and 2 architecture is huge, which means that data isn’t easily transferable; how will you do it if you want to upgrade your Magento 1 shop to a Magento 2 shop?

Since early 2015, we at Ubertheme have worked on, and continually improved, a free UB Data Migration tool that migrates the data from Magento 1’s database to the Magento 2’s; using the right structure for Magento 2’s new database architecture.

Long story short, we transfer the data for you without the errors that are typical when there are such sweeping changes in software architecture.

This free tool has helped to ease the migration process for thousands of people across the world already. However, to provide a better, stable and more feature-rich solution for Magento 2 migration, our team decided to upgrade to a premium migration tool — UB Data Migration Pro that gives us the chance to maintain an active update, patches and bug fixes.

Now, let’s see how UB Data Migration can help and will be a good fit for your migration project’s needs.

A few things you will fall in love with about UB Data Migration Pro

Before walking through the technical details below, please note that with the UB Data Migration Tool it is only possible to migrate data and settings. The code of Magento 1 extensions, themes, or customizations will not work in Magento 2. So for your extensions and theme, you need to research if there is a Magento 2 version or alternative available.

Brand new UB Data Migration Pro

Brand new UB Data Migration Pro

Flexible Scope of Database Migration

You might find other tools that require the source and destination database to be on the same MySQL server. However, with UB Data Migration Pro, destination database and source database can be in two different MySQL servers. Awesome. This flexibility is crucial when you proceed with a database to database migration.

And in our migration tool (Pro version), you will see another significant enhancement — the option to skip specific groups of data. You can go back to proceed migration for that part in a separated step later on.

UB Data Migration Pro also allows to migrate Multiple Websites, Stores, Store Views as well
It’s quite common to see many Magento 1 sites with multiple websites or store views that use different languages, domain names or categories. These shops take advantage of multiple websites (the top-level container) where they can create separate sites that do not share cart, shipping methods etc.,; and multiple stores (with separate catalog structures) where they can share cart, user sessions, payment gateways etc., While at store views level, they use different layouts or languages… getting complicated I know.

So, how can we migrate those multiple websites, stores, store views to Magento 2 instance under this circumstance? UB Data Migration Pro does all the heavy lifting for you. Simply select websites, store groups & store views, and then the tool will automatically migrate the data from the tables: core_website, core_store_group, core_store.

Friendly Graphic User Interface to automate migration process:
Once you have UB Data Migration Pro installed on your Magento 2 site, simply define the source (your Magento 1 database), then our migration tool will automatically detect and fill in the appropriate Magento 2 database fields. In case you wish to migrate the Magento 1 database to an external destination which differs from the existing Magento 2 database, you just need plug in the information of that database.

Once done, you have full control to port all your key products, customers, order data, store configurations and etc. to Magento 2. With this step by step visualised and annotated guide, even your Magento webmaster can handle the migration.

UB Data Migration Lite (Free) vs. UB Data Migration Pro

If you’re new to our migration tool, it’s good idea to make a test migration project to get a feel for how UB Data Migration tool (free version) works. This will help you with moving forward with our Pro version before you have to do the trickier parts.


UB Data Migration Lite (Free) UB Data Migration PRO
Database Settings    
Migrate Websites, Stores    
Migrate Attributes    
Migrate Categories    
Migrate Products    
Migrate Customers    
Migrate Sales Data    
Migrate Reviews & Ratings    
Migrate Other Data    

A quick tour screenshots

We’re working on a brief video which will provide you a closer look into the migration process. Meanwhile, take a quick look at the screenshots below to learn about the key steps of migration:

Updated: The UB Data Migration Pro video is now available. It will walk you through the steps to use UB Data Migration Pro tool to move your e-Commerce store data from Magento 1.x to Magento 2. With 9 visualized steps, migration process is self-explanatory and easy to follow.

Step 1:

Step 1 - Database settings

Step 1 -- Database settings

Step 2:

Step 2- Migrate Websites Stores

Step 2- Migrate Websites Stores

Step 3:

Step 3 - Migrate Attributes

Step 3 -- Migrate Attributes

Step 4:

Step 4 - Migrate Categories

Step 4 -- Migrate Categories

Step 5:

Step 5 - Migrate Products

Step 5 -- Migrate Products

Step 6:

Step 6 - Migrate Customers

Step 6 -- Migrate Customers

Step 7:

Step 7 - Migrate Sales Data

Step 7 -- Migrate Sales Data

Step 8:

Step 8 - Migrate Reviews Ratings

Step 8 -- Migrate Reviews Ratings

Step 9:

Step 9 - Migrate Other Data

Step 9 -- Migrate Other Data

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What about the old free UB Data Migration version

As mentioned before, we released the first instance of UB Data Migration tool (free version) in early of 2015, then followed up with many tweaks and upgrade. Here is a list of the update releases:

2015-11-20: Version number: 0.1.20 Stability: Stable Compatibility: Magento 2 CE 2.0
2015-08-10: Version number: 0.1.19 Stability: Beta Compatibility: Magento 2 CE 2.0
2015-06-22: Version number: 0.1.11 Stability: Beta Compatibility: Magento 2 CE 2.0
2015-03-31: Version number: 0.1.11 Stability: Beta Compatibility: Magento 2 CE 2.0
2015-05-06: Version number: 1.0.1 Stability: Beta Compatibility: 1.6

We received various feature-enhancement requests as well as reports on unexpected issues with the old releases. After careful consideration, we have decided to create a Premium version, as this way we will have more opportunity and resources to revamp the whole code base and add more features, while providing active bug fixes maintenance. It costs money to have a team of developers working for you full time!

The old releases listed above are no longer maintained and are replaced with a newer release, so it’s recommended for research purposes only. For now, if you are new to our Migration tool, it’s a good starting point to explore our latest free version -- UB Data Migration Lite.

Anyway, if you plan to migrate your data from the Magento 1 to the Magento 2, moving forward with our Pro version will make your life a lot easier. We built this for you.

Please leave your feedback and share experience in the comments.

Once again, we’re building this for you, so if you have any ideas or features that you’d like to see then we’d be more than happy to hear about them(and implement them in future updates so that you can have the functionality you want.)

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  • If you are new to our UB Data Migration tool, we highly recommend you take a look at this handy infographic – The ultimate comparison between Magento 1 and Magento 2 database structure –

    It highlights the key changes in Magento 2, so you can learn what to transfer where. Our migration tool handles all these things for you, so you can rest assure the Magento 1 data is completely transferred and remains accessible in your Magento 2 installation.

    Ubertheme Team

  • Viorel Pătru


    I am your extensions in free version and only transfers me 2300 products out of 12000 ? The pro will do the same ?


    • Hi Viorel,

      Both of our migration tools, Lite and Pro version fully migrate the products to Magento 2 site. From our experience with users who buy our migration Pro tool recently, we run across two common groups of issue: they miss certain steps noted in our guideline (in the readme file) or there appears the server-side configuration related issue. Once these issues get fixed, they have their full database ported to Magento 2.

      Meanwhile, your 12,000 products are not really big though.

      PS. We have 7 day money guarantee back, you can rest assured to have the Pro version returned if it does not work. Anyway, we’ve completed many custom migration inquiry using our Pro tool, and other users who buy our tool can successfully migrate their database too.

      Ubertheme Team

  • Vanesa

    Hello, I’m having issue with UBDataMigrationLite-Package_1.0.6, do you have any idea about what could be the error? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi @disqus_wlIUr69gUc:disqus

      Please check your db prefix in step 1 again. Then click F5 once you update the prefix properly.
      Let us know if the issue remains then.

      Ubertheme Team

  • JMB

    Hello, would UB Data Migraton Pro work with Magento Entrerprise Edition as well ?
    Thanks !

    • JMB
      At this phase, our UB Data Migration Pro is available for Magento CE only, including the following versions:
      – Magento CE 1.x: 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
      – Magento CE 2.0.0 and later
      Ubertheme team

  • JJ

    Is this compatible with Magento 2 Enterprise Edition?

    • Hi @disqus_vpzmy2FJVv:disqus

      Thanks for stopping by. As we mentioned in the reply to JMB in this thread, at present our UB Data Migration Pro is available for Magento CE only.

      Ubertheme team

  • JJ

    Hello, I’m having issue with UBDataMigrationLite-Package_1.0.6, do you
    have any idea about what could be the error? Thanks for the help!

    • Hi JJ

      The ‘entity_id’ field is the core field in the core table `catalog_category_entity_int`. It’s strange why it does not exist in your Magento 2 database.

      What is your Magento 2 version?

      Ubertheme team

      • JJ

        Magento Enterprise 2.1.0

        • Hi @disqus_vpzmy2FJVv:disqus
          It’s pity that our tool is not available for Magento EE yet. You can use it for Magento CE only for now.
          Ubertheme team

  • Hi friends,

    We’re excited to keep you informed about a big update to our UB Data Migration Pro (V3) –

    With the V3, you can proceed delta migration to update most recent data changes, instead of re-migration from scratch. It also support PHP Memcached to improve performance, especially in case of large-scale data migration.

    PS. We did use the V3 to migrate successfully 382,047 customer entities from Magento 1 to Magento 2 for a custom migration project. Check out to see for yourself –

    Ubertheme team

  • David

    Hi wil this work with Magento v2.1.4 thanks.

    • Hi David,

      We have just tested our UB Data Migration Pro with Magento 2.1.4 a few hours ago. Our tool is fully compatible with this latest release.

      Ubertheme team