Magento themes showcase: a touch of texture in design

Wouldn’t it be nice that your Magento store has its depth and personality in it while showing off the products?

If you desire more than white spaces and white spaces for a Magento theme, texturing will be a decisive choice for a lively and impressive online store. With texturing, the website will become special, not be found anywhere else and link directly to your own product lines. Wise use of textures can add depth and personality to your website; however, overusing can be make your site look dirty and grungy.

Magento themes with texture in designHere in this blog we will showcase 4 of our Magento themes that effectively applies texture in design.

1. Odinis -- Magento theme for winery e-stores

Odinis Magento theme for winery e-storesOdinis with symbolic details to evok the feeling of a traditional wine cellars

Odinis Demo

Inspired by wines products, Magento theme Odinis has a retro-look with the warm and natural gamut. Entering the space of with Odinis, you may dote upon the coziness of a traditional wine cellars!

In this Magento theme, we have combined various layouts of the textures to enhance the feeling for a winery store. Odinis mines out the symbolic items related to wine and alcohol products: wooden yellow of old oak trees, red of wines on ribbon bars and especially the textured background with vein of wooden barrels to highlight the content and not to distract customers’ eyes.

2. Bakeries’ Magento theme -- Celas

Celas Magento theme for bakeries e-storesAlluring Magento theme Celes textures every modest details upon the white background

Celas Demo

Magento theme Celas is your brilliant choice to show off your bakery store! Celas, which probably is the most beautiful Magento theme from 2012, has the textured design to support it!

Using one sole theme with brightly vivid colors, this Magento theme wins tons of hearts without any confusing texture element. Unlike Odinis, Celas uses blank color background in order to focus on every modest detail to create a purely elegant Magento theme that make customers focus on the products instead of getting distract. The products thus never get blur but stand out themselves prettily. This is what makes Magento theme Celas perfect for product ranges with artistic and creative manners such as cakes or cupcakes, handmade items or flowers.

3. Garis -- Magento theme for gift shops

Garis Magento theme for gift shopsDedicated to gift-giving art, Magento theme Garis charms with texture design of gift-boxes!

Garis Demo

Garis is a sweet Magento theme for gift shops with a light use of texture in background and other elements.

Just like Odinis, Garis inherits the inspiration from items referring to a gift-box for its textured website. Accordingly, this Magento theme has the Main Menu as ribbons in gift-boxes, slideshow and footer background as wrapping paper with colorful checked texture. Also, the background is a mixture of layouts under the shadows effect to express at most the true feeling of a given present.

4. Magento theme Jasmine -- your fancy online restaurant!

Magento theme Jasmine for online restaurantsJasmine with resourceful applications of texturing

Jasmine Demo

Magento theme Jasmine is more than just a theme of an online food shop, the theme indeed brings the atmosphere of a real restaurant. Adding to that, textured elements play an important role.

At a glance, Jasmine uses hot gamut for a retro look and the typical white space is replaced with the yellow space to reminisce about the warm light in anyone’s favorite restaurant.

To plus even more calling back, we also carefully style and add the texture effect to functional modules: the main menu as a blackboard on the wall, order booking as an old piece of paper. Along with that, there are hand-drawing icons and typography. These little yet precise details of textured background and web elements are successful in creating such a friendly and evoking online restaurant on customers’ mind.

To wrap up

With a touch of textures, a bit here and there, your Magento store will become more lively with its own personality. I hope this blog has given you some ideas to apply texture in to your online store.

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