Responsive Magento theme Classy – features at a glance

We are glad to introduce Classy – our responsive Magento theme for online fashion stores. Here come some heads up to make Classy a great pick:

Let’s dig in this responsive Magento theme more in details.

Responsive Magento theme Classy Responsive Magento theme Classy for eCommerce Magento fashion stores

#1 A swish design

Homepage in Responsive Magento theme Classy Responsive Magento theme Classy with category list on Homepage

That how your sites look should represent your business. If you want to impress your customers with the profession, elegance and luxury, you had better find a theme like that as well. Breaking the traditional Homepage display, responsive Magento theme Classy puts your main category list in the spotlight with a full-screen slider. Thus, viewers can have an overview about your site right on their first step. You can replace the category list with your key items.
Furthermore, to express the modern and uptown feeling for your items, it’s a smart idea to use black & white gamut and embellish details with other colors just like Classy does.

#2 Classy’s responsive adaptation

Responsive layout in Magento theme ClassyeCommerce Magento theme Classy in various devices

Mobile-ready is a must because the revenue from mobile ecommerce is increasing intensively these days. To make your e-store compelling in mobile users’ eyes, your chosen Magento theme should be automatically able to adapt to any screen sizes for smartphones and tablets.
With a fully responsive Magento theme like Classy, your site can perform on any collapsed screens just as smooth as it does on the desktop.

Off-canvas menu in responsive Magento theme Classy Responsive Magento theme Classy supports Off-canvas menu

Besides, having a good navigation is important, as shoppers are likely to be uncomfortable to navigate within such small spaces on collapsed screens. Classy features Off-canvas menu for mobile devices to support your viewers to access different parts of your site at ease.
One more plus: you can define different layouts for your eCommerce site on desktops, mobiles and tablets respectively as supported in the built-in theme customize tool Basetheme.

#3 Display features

Now let’s see how the complementary Magento extensions are featured in responsive Magento theme Classy.

Professional menu solution

Mega Menu in responsive Magento theme Classy Responsive Magento theme Classy supports Mega Menu

If you are searching for a organized menu display to show off your resourceful contents, Mega Menu could be your solution. You can add promotional clips, images or banners into your menu as well. Unlike the traditional dropdown menu, a vertical menu display may bring a fresh feeling to your viewers.

Dynamic product list

Product list in responsive Magento theme Classy Responsive Magento theme Classy with the Product list

A good product list can show how professional you are in your business. These days, people prefer infinite scrolling that helps the shoppers reach all items within only one page. This function can increase the speed of page loading and make the process smoother. You can find infinite scrolling in Classy product list. Also customers can select whether the grid or list view to enjoy the page.
Another plus: the labeling function is ready and you can tag the items as hot/new/sale.

#4 Handy theme customize tools

Classy supports the default theme alternatives as well as unlimited color scheme for you to customize your site in minutes.

Theme skin options in responsive Magento theme Classy Responsive Magento theme Classy offers up to 4 color skins

There are 4 default colors for responsive Magento theme Classy for you to switch around. With just a click, you can have different theme colors for your eCommerce site.
Furthermore, with the Magento extension Basetheme, Classy offers countless colors for you to personalize your eCommerce site from background to header and footer. You can edit the layout of your site at ease as well. This extension also has specific settings for responsive layout in mobiles and tablets.

#5 Practical alternatives

Shopping cart

Shopping cart in responsive Magento theme Classy Shopping cart in Responsive Magento theme Classy

A convenient and buyer-friendly Shopping cart can encourage your shoppers to purchase even more. In Classy, the Shopping cart is updated with the details with larger item thumbnails on the left. This helps your customers to review the checkout items at ease.

Options for international customers

Multiple languages and currencies options in responsive Magento theme Classy Responsive Magento theme Classy offers switching buttons for languages and currencies

Isn’t it more convincing if you can reach your customers in their own languages and currencies? With Classy, you can offer multiple languages and currencies options.

To wrap up

Elegant in design, strong in functions, responsive Magento theme Classy is a stunning makeover for your eCommerce site, especially if you own an online boutique or a fashion e-store. Should you be interested, play around its Demo and check it yourself.

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