Kidsland – Responsive Magento theme for kids stores

Dec 30, 2016 Update
UB Kidsland for Magento 2 is now available -- Check out Live demo.

Hi adults, happy to introduce a responsive Magento theme for kids: Kidsland! This makeover promises to blow up the colors and fun to any kids stores. Lemme show you some more reasons to fall for Kidsland.

responsive Magento theme Kidsland HomepageKidsland -- responsive Magento theme for kids stores

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#1 Kidsland with a slick design

To make sure that kids AND their parents are not going to be distracted with plentiful decorations and textures, Kidsland has a simple design with colorful details. With lots of white space plus some rational static blocks, Kidsland just knows how to focus on your products and messages.

Not to mention that Kidsland comes up with an eye-catchy imaginary display. Entering the Homepage or any category pages of Kidsland, visitors will immediately notice the slideshow and masshead with vertical highlighted descriptions on the right. You can show off here your advertising graphics, key items or promotional messages.

Magento extension Slideshow in responsive Magento theme KidslandSlideshow with highlighted description in Kidsland

#2 Adaptive background and functions

Kidsland supports responsive layout to make your site ready to rock on any devices with various screen sizes. You can be confident to grab customers’ attention no matter where they are -- at home or on the go mode with whatever device they are using -- PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Responsive layouts in responsive Magento theme KidslandResponsive layouts for various sreensizes in Kidsland

More than that, this responsive Magento theme features Off-canvas menu for mobile devices. Normally, the small space on the mobile devices may limit viewers to navigate around. With this parallel menu layout, your viewers can easily go back or jump into any desired pages.

Off-canvas menu in responsive Magento theme KidslandOff-canvas navigation in Kidsland

#3 Better navigation, Faster access

Professional and dynamic, Mega Menu is likely a must-have navigation solution for any sites with resourceful contents. Shoppers can seek for their desire items through its category and sub-category within a glance. You can also add product description, banners, images and clips into the menu.

Magento extension Mega Menu in responsive Magento theme KidslandMega Menu in Kidsland

Quick View function is to give your customers the fastest access to your item details. Say, your customers are excited about too many products. Isn’t it painful if they have to open a new window for every product page? Quick View helps to open a pop-up window when the customer clicks at any item in the category page, no more loading page needed!

Magento extension QuickView in responsive Magento theme KidslandPop-up window for item details with Quickview

Labelling is a smart trick to suggest shoppers which items are the best on sales, which ones are actually on sale, and which are just-out. The little colorful tags for each item can grab attention of your shopper in a natural and friendly way.

Labelling function in responsive Magento theme KidslandLabels for items in Kidsland

Kidsland features the styled Shop By with accordion effect. Your viewers can search through their preferences to look for the desired items with ease.

Shop By in responsive Magento theme KidslandShop By in Kidsland

#4 Color offers and customizing tool

Here comes the bonus: 5 default theme skins for you to swatch around. One click -- One color. All are designed carefully to bring the bright and happy manner for your Magento store.

Bonus theme skins in responsive Magento theme KidslandBonus theme skins for Kidsland

If you are still looking for more, responsive Magento theme Kidsland will give you countless choices of colors with the handy tool Basetheme. You can personalize colors for background, header and footer with just some clicks. This Magento extension supports settings for mobiles and tablets respectively as well. Woot!

Magento extension Basetheme in responsive Magento theme KidslandHandy theme customizing tool Basetheme packed in Kidsland

Wrapping up, Kidsland is a colorful responsive Magento theme charming with the bright design and the well-functioned features. We will be back next month with another feature packed Magento theme.

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