Monsieur – fashion responsive Magento theme just-for-him

Our September responsive Magento theme Monsieur reflects the he-man points: decisive and frank. To express that, we use lots of white space with black lines and blocks. Classy yet dusty, resourceful yet straightforward, Monsieur is a great choice for anyone longing for a responsive Magento makeover to win gentlemen’s attention.

Responsive Magento theme MonsieurResponsive Magento theme Monsieur for branded fashion shops for him

This responsive Magento theme arms handsomely with a list of powerful Magento extensions. Here featuring Mega Menu with dynamic menu displaying solution, Basetheme for better color and layout customizing, Product List helpful in managing product list, Quickview for a more comfortable access to product details and Masshead as well as Slideshow for lively blocks here and there.

How about a closer look at Monsieur’s features? Let me show more about such an attractive responsive Magento theme that may get you at the very first sight.

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1. Responsive layout for Monsieur

Responsive layout in Magento theme MonsieurResponsive Magento theme Monsieur supports responsive layout

Being responsive, Magento theme Monsieur performs confidently in any type of devices the viewers have. To make sure the responsiveness is perfect, complimentary extensions are featured in Monsieurs with settings for mobile and tablet layouts. Your customers accordingly can have the best access to your e-store on PCs, mobiles and tablets as well.

2. Mega Menu in Monsieur

Responsive layout in Magento theme MonsieurMagento extension Mega Menu with various animation effects

Monsieur supports Magento extension Mega Menu. The menu display is fabulous as you can have contents dividing into dropdown categories.

In this responsive Magento theme, Mega Menu supports up to 13 menu animation types for you to choose including Fade, Fence, Venitian, Fly, Papercut, Fan, Wave, Helix, Pop, Linear, Bounce, Winding and Shield. Also, you can choose to have featured products displayed as the side image of the menu.

3. Basetheme with responsive settings

Monsieur features Magento extension BasethemeBaseTheme with responsive settings in Monsieur

Magento extension Basetheme is a remarkable extension in responsive Magento theme Monsieur. As our powerful Magento theme customizationg tool, Basetheme assists to personalize the colors of the background, footer and header with unlimited color scheme as well as to define product list layouts. With the updated features, our Magento users now can have the highest management over colors and layouts for both PCs and mobile devices. Check the review blog in case you need more details. Just imagine that you can personalize our responsive Magento theme to create your unique e-stores with no sweat!

4. Slideshow for beautiful imaginery

Monsieur with Magento extension SlideshowAll new Magento extension Slideshow in Monsieur

Didn’t you guys notice the amazing product slideshow in responsive Magento theme Monsieur?

Right on Homepage, Magento extension Slideshow not only shows off the viewing image but also reveals the previous and next images partly. This new style makes your slideshow smoother and more interactive.

Slideshow supports in responsive Magento theme Monsieur“Best Seller” box with Slideshow in Monsieur

Also, Slideshow supports a “Best Seller” slider in the category page, your shoppers can also slide products.

5. Product List with latest version

Magento extension Product List in responsive Magento theme MonsieurProduct List with latest updated version

Product List is a Magento extension that labels the products under plentiful tags: New, Hot, Sale, and so on. Also you can define the number of products exhibiting in product pages at ease with this Magento extension.

6. Off-canvas navigation for responsive Magento themes

Off-canvas navigation for a more comfortable navigation in MonsieurMonsieur with Off-canvas navigation

A bonus feature that may fascinate you in responsive Magento theme Monsieur is the Off-canvas navigation. This must-have function for responsive Mangento theme rocks all the times: viewers can travel freely in your sites without loosing track. With the sticky hidden menu, viewers can simply slide out to navigate the contents and move to another page without any confusing clicking back.

7. Quickview for eCommerce fashion sites

Responsive Magento theme Monsieur supports Quickview extensionMagento extension QuickView is available in Monsieur

This modest Magento extension creates a huge value. QuickView well serves viewers with the least effort to take further look at product details. No more loading page, just a pop-up window so that products can be shown off all the neccessary information in only one click!

8. Other features in Monsieur

Responsive Magento theme Monsieur supports Magento extension MassheadMagento extension Masshead in Monsieur

Masshead supports in the category page of responsive Magento theme Monsieur. You can express your message right in front of viewers’ eyes through the masshead.

Monsieur with 5 different skin colorsMonsieur in up to 5 different skin colors

5 built-in colors: before you start to create your unique e-store with Basetheme, you may be interested in our 5 default colors.
Let’s give it a try: it’s definitely fastest way to freshen your sites.Back to Top button in Monsieur

Monsieur with Back to Top button

Top view button: just a little button above the footer – “Back to Top” will get your shoppers quickly jump to the top of the page.

Mini shopping cart in MonsieurMini shopping cart in responsive Magento theme Monsieur

Mini shopping cart: sticky mini shopping cart helps your buyers to check their shopping item list at anytime they want – the cart is always right there.

Multiple language and currency alternatives in MonsieurMonsieur supports specific options for foreigner viewers as well

Multiple language and currency alternatives: most of our Magento themes offer the language and currency switching tools. Your overseas customers can for sure reach you at ease.

To sum up

Besides the dignified functions, Monsieur stands out with the design of black & white gamut. Check the demo then take some moves to get to know our Magento theme yourself and it may be just what you are looking for. Ta-ra!

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