RELEASE NOTES – Responsive Magento Themes upgraded to Magento

Nov 18, 2016 Update
All 35 premium Magento themes below have been upgraded to the latest Magento CE Upgrading your store accordingly should be performed as soon as possible.

As notified by Magento team, Magento CE 1.9.3 has been released a few days ago. This update delivers over 120 quality improvements, as well as support for PHP 5.6. Additionally, it resolves critical security issues including general security enhancements and password enhancements.

Please refer to Magento release note for additional information about this important patch.

As a best practice, we always try our best to keep all our extensions and themes up to date, so you can benefit from the latest Magento enhancements. Below is the first batch of our Magento themes available for Magento CE 1.9.3:

  • SportGear -- Flat design for sport apparel and equipment stores
  •  Casual -- For catchy and professional fashion stores
  • Gem -- An elegant solution for your Jewelry online shop
  • Summer -- Colorful makeover to your fashion stores
  • TravelGear -- ideal for any versatile outdoor clothing and gear store
  • Sporty -- A vivid for online sport and fitness store
  • Aroma -- Vintage Restaurant Magento theme
  • Tony -- Minimal and flat design for fashion stores
  • Kidsland -- Eye-catchy babycare theme
  • Megamall -- Market Magento theme.
  • iTech -- Flat hi-tech eCommerce sites
  • Classy -- Vintage Clothing Boutiques
  • Leathercraft -- For branded leather handbags and accessories shop
  • Bookshop -- eCommerce Magento theme for Bookshop
  • GameStore -- All-new makeover for game & entertainment stores
  • Crafts -- eCommerce Magento theme for Handmade Shop, Craft shop
  • Monsieur -- For luxury grand fashion shops
  • Lingerie -- eCommerce Magento theme for Fashion
  • Hawkstore -- Minimalistic sport accessory stores
  • Siotis -- eCommerce Magento theme for Fashion
  • Mago -- Minimal High-class Fashion Store
  • Flannel -- Responsive Magento theme for digital stores
  • Jasmine -- Magento theme for Winsome online restaurants
  • Neros -- Digital Magento theme
  • Wall -- Dynamic grid to build superstore
  • Haga -- Premium elegant Fashion store
  • Sterix -- Magento mobile accessories theme
  • Zite -- Best suited for fashion Magento stores
  • Scerif -- Premium Magento fashion theme
  • Skates -- Premium Skates Magento theme
  • Pixeri -- For Movies & Entertainment sites
  • Feronis -- Stunning visual Magento theme
  • Techzone -- Advance multi-purpose theme for Magento
  • Trex -- Free Magento theme
  • Odinis -- Premium Winery Magento theme
  • Dicento -- Interior Magento theme

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Magento CE Themes

Below you can find the details of each theme’s changelogs:


Be sure to back up your source files first, prior to any upgrade, and test the patch before deploying it to a production site.

For all the Magento themes that we have and would upgrade to Magento, we will support the themes in both Magento 1.7 and Magento 1.8 in Download package. However, as for the Quickstart package, we will only support latest Magento 1.9 version only.

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You should follow Magento Upgrade guide and instruction to upgrade from your old Magento. And don’t forget to update the latest and best security practice by Piotr Kaminski.

Hope you enjoy our new updates.

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