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Last Update
September 25, 2017
Magento Version
Magento 1.7+

Product Details

Full responsive Magento theme

That means Siotis brings your Magento eCommerce theme out to a broader audience on mobile and tablet devices
instead of the traditional PCs users.

Off-canvas menu

Acts like your compass for your Magento site, no more lost customers, no more lost leads.

Color customization with BaseTheme

With the new base theme integrated, you can now have your Magento theme – Siotis in unlimited colors (Yes, we said it, UNLIMITED).

Support Mega Menu

Having a tons of categories and feeling frustrated that it’s quite hard for just you to navigate? Siotis is here with its Mega Menu for the rescue. In a fewer clicks. Your audience will find their ways to the specific page instead of surfing through pages after pages.

Product Quick Buy

How cool when adding a product to your shopping cart and it will automatically fly into your basket? Real life shopping experience in your Magento theme, who wouldn’t like that?

Support multiple-language

Siotis Magento theme is available in multiple languages.

Product labels

Your product has its makeover with the label badge for
Hot and New items.

Complimentary extensions


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Kind of like it. The team did a good job on development