[Update] UB Page Builder Extras with Image Hotspot new feature

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UB Page Builder extras module version 1.0.1 is here. The new version supports new content type -- UB Hotspot -- a new light, beneficial add-on that is built on top of Magento Page Builder.

Uber magento page builder extras module image hotspot

Image Hotspot new feature:

With Hotspot feature, you can upload any static image and add unlimited hotspots over that image. When you hover a hotspot, key product information like product title, thumbnail and price will be highlighted as a layer over the image.

Uber magento page builder image hotspot

Main features:

  • Drag and drop hotspot builder
  • Dedicated hotspot for mobile layout
  • Easily filter and set product’s SKU to highlight product’s information on each Hotspot
  • Create multiple hotspot with ease: multiple icons, size setting, background color picker, and more

Drag and drop hotspot builder to create hotspot with ease.

  1. Upload image
  2. Click on any position on the image to create hotspot
  3. Select product
  4. Customize the hotspot display: icon, color, border

Uber magento page builder hotspot builder

Show any product beautifully in hotspot

Uber magento page builder product hotspot

Dedicated hotspot builder for mobile layout

mobile hotspot builder

Improvements and bug fixes

This new version also comes with multiple improvements and bug fixes:

  • Issue: [Products] > Featured Product Settings > Show Category > Not Working
  • Improve LESS Using Mixin
  • Re-structor LESS files
  • Improve LESS coding using Variables

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UB Page Builder Extras is a Magento 2 module that helps create custom content types to enhance your pages using Magento Page Builder using pre-made appearances, styles, and advanced control options to customize the content display your ways.

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