Say hello to our new Magento 2 extension – UB Quick View

We’re excited to launch our new Magento 2 extension today -- UB Quick View.

The Quick View extension is extremely valuable for Magento stores, it brings a convenient experience to the shoppers: for any item they pay attention to, only one click is needed to reach the item info. There will be no more page reloading, shoppers can preview product detail directly from the category page via a pop-up window with Ajax Add-to-Cart button appears in no time.

UB Quick View is powered by Ajax technology and built in extensive options for configuration. The popup window displays brief product details, a lot like the product page with typical key elements:

  • Product Image
  • The product title
  • Product Description
  • Price and Ajax-add-to-cart button
  • Customer reviews
  • Link to navigate to Product page

See the following screenshots to get an idea of what UB Quick View offers:

1. Simplifying the catalog browsing with Quick View button when users hover the mouse over any product in catalog or homepage

QuickView on any product in category

QuickView Button on any product

2. Allow user to add products to cart right from the Quick View popup window if the product is fit for them

QuickView - Ajax-Add-to-Cart

QuickView -- Ajax-Add-to-Cart

3. All Product page options are available in the Quick View pop up window

UB Quick View - Downloadable Product

UB Quick View -- Downloadable Product


QuickView - Configurable Product

QuickView -- Configurable Product

QuickView - Bundle Product

QuickView -- Bundle Product

4. Allow to browse reviews quickly from the preview pop-up. It can be a huge time saver for the shoppers to make decision to add an item to their cart.

QuickView - Review

QuickView -- Review

5. Integrate nicely with any 3rd-party Magento 2 themes. Once you have UB Quick View installed, it will automatically apply the style of your chosen theme. This approach helps to avoid potential conflict with any 3rd-party theme while keeping consistent look and feel for your store. You can also easily customize your Quick View button to adapt to your needs.

QuickView - Settings

QuickView -- Settings

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Hopefully you now learn about brief features the UB Quick View offers and are ready to enable it on your Magento 2 store. Are you new to our Quick View extension? Please head over to our demo to have a closer look. If you have any feedback or feature request, let us know by commenting below.

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Head of UberTheme Team