2.2 different themes in multi store

hi, we are building up mag 2.2 from the 2.1.9-scratch. in 2.1.9 you explained and we implemented different themes in the multistore following the procedure mentioned here:

different themes in multi store

in 2.2 we followed the same procedure including your latest point about changes to /srv/dev/app/design/frontend/Ubertheme/bookshop/registration.php
but the subtheme is not displayed in content/design/themes or content/ubertheme helper/theme config
do you have any idea. regards, Kurtz

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Hi there,
I have checked and see all configuration in the file is right. I tried but could not access your admin that you provided before via email. Please send me the admin credentials of your site here, I will debug further and help you out.
PS. You’re safe to share your site credentials in a private reply here. Only you and our technical team can access.
Best Regards,

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Hi There,
I helped to create an additional theme here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v52nqx93yr0f5e8/2018-01-25_09-47-49.png?dl=0
You can assign this newly created theme to the store view you want. 
The path of the sample theme folder that I created above: /srv/magento/app/design/frontend/Ubertheme/bookshop_sample
You can follow similar steps to create any new theme to assign to your store as you want. 
Hope that helps.
Best Regads,

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Hi there, 
Glad it helps. 
Should you have additional question, please get back to us here or submit a new ticket, we will help you out.
Ubertheme team


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