a few simple HOW-TOs that I spent an hour+ trying to figure out myself. Givin up

Hi my site is at http://slovenly.com/store/

1) I want to change the Default welcome msg at the top of the screen. How?

2) I want to change "My Wishlist" to "Want List"

3) I want to get rid of the DECO’S COLOR tab

4) I want to entirely DISABLE the option represented by the DECO’S COLOR tab, that of changing the website color. Don’t need it, or any of the confusion potentially caused by changes made that only apply to one color or the other.

5) How do I modify the text on the slideshow photos?

6) I followed the instructions on the PDF to remove the copyright line but it’s still there. I need to remove the entire line:

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1.Go to Admin -> System -> configuration -> Design -> Header Tab -> change the Field "Welcome Text"

2. Go to this File : \app\locale\en_US\Mage_Wishlist.csv

replace the text Wishlist to want list in this file

For Ex: replace this translation
"Add to Wishlist","Add to Wishlist"
"Add to Wishlist","Add to WantList"

3.Go to this File: app\design\frontend\default\jm_descotemplate\page \ja_vars.php

Find this Code and replace it


$_params->set('usertool_color', 4); //0: disable, 4: show colors tools



$_params->set('usertool_color', 0); //0: disable, 4: show colors tools

4. follow step 3

5.Go to Admin -> System -> configuration -> JM Slideshow -> you can see the "Description for each Item" text label there

you can find a Similar text and not the same. you must change the text with the <div></div> tag.


[desc img="sl-1.jpg" url="http://localhost.com/current/joomlart/jmtc_adamite/index.php/bv8038b.html"]
<div>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer ut Aliquam Aenean faucibus tortor. Commodo leo Phasellus morbi et mollis Vivamus tempus Nam commodo scelerisque...</div>

[desc img="sl-2.jpg" url="http://localhost.com/current/joomlart/jmtc_adamite/index.php/gc1927.html"]
<div>Nullam nec In metus turpis eget convallis tempus Donec hac Donec. Orci wisi Fusce consectetuer quis sem et est dui...</div>

[desc img="sl-3.jpg" url="http://localhost.com/current/joomlart/jmtc_adamite/index.php/bv6030b.html"]
<div>At et id justo accumsan Donec a odio nibh id et. Quisque nunc nibh sit pretium turpis eget sed non Proin non. Justo id pede Vestibulum ornare Phasellus egestas.</div>

[desc img="sl-4.jpg" url="http://localhost.com/current/joomlart/jmtc_adamite/index.php/bv8054b.html"]
<div>Nullam nec In metus turpis eget convallis tempus Donec hac Donec. Orci wisi Fusce consectetuer quis sem et est dui...</div>

6. Go to Admin -> System -> configuration -> Design -> Footer Tab -> reset the text in the "Copyright" Field

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