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Hi, when is the CLI script bin/ubdatamigration supposed be installed? I’m trying to check out running migration from CLI, but this file isn’t found. Our web UI is working, but wanted to test it out from CLI, but bin script isn’t there.

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    I found the something that looks like the CLI script under pub/ub-tool/protected/ubdatamigration, but not under the "bin" directory, by the way. Still not sure what the deal is with missing bin/ubdatamigration for the "php bin/ubdatamigration" command.

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Hi there,

Please re-update the permission of the folders and files of our module at:


You can try to change the permission by running the following command in your M2 root folder:

find. -type d -exec chmod 755 {} +;
find. -type f -exec chmod 644 {} +;
chmod +x bin/ubdatamigration

Then check the issue you mentioned again.

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Hi Mall, I think there’s a misunderstanding. I was saying the file “bin/ubdatamigration” is not found in my installation for some reason. It’s just not there. The guide says to use “php bin/ubdatamigration”, but I don’t have this shell script. Permissions are good already.

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Hi there,

I was saying the file “bin/ubdatamigration” is not found in my installation for some reason. 

So, it seems you got something wrong when installing our module. Please consider re-install our module as per our installation guide.

You can try to reinstall the module on your current M2 instance following these steps:

1. Run the following SQL queries in your M2 database:

drop table ub_migrate_map_step_2;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_3;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_3_attribute;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_3_attribute_option;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_4;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_5;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_5_product_download;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_5_product_option;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_6;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_6_customer_address;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_7;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_7_invoice;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_7_invoice_item;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_7_order;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_7_order_address;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_7_order_item;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_7_quote;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_7_quote_address;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_7_quote_item;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_8;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_8_rating;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_8_review;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_8_review_summary;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_8_subscriber;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_8_cms;
drop table ub_migrate_map_step_8_downloadable_link_purchased;
drop table ub_migrate_step;
Delete from setup_module where module = 'Ubertheme_Ubdatamigration';

2. Clean the source code of our module by running the command:

rm -rf app/code/Ubertheme/Ubdatamigration pub/ub-tool/

3. And then, please make sure that your SSH User has full permission over the folders/files in your M2 root folder.

And, re-upload the source code of our module to your M2 root folder and follow the installation steps as you did the first time.



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