Can you please update the theme to Magento

I download area, there is no version for magento 1.9, can you please update it to magento 1.9

thanks a lot.

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Thanks a lot!

I have just tried the quickstart for 1.9, I encounted some issues:

1. when I try to index and fresh cache, I got below error:

cache_dir "tmp/" must be a directory

I then add tmp in magento root folder, the issue is gone.

2. I can not change any setting for JM Product Slider, I try to change some setting, when I try to save, I got error:

An error occurred while saving this configuration: Qty: Format is incorrect.

3. I try to changed "Number of column" of product category list extension to 5, it is not work, it still show 3 columns but not 5.

Can you please help?


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