Cart does not work with theme turned on jm jasmine

I have been debugging our store for a week and it turns out the problem is with the theme!
The cart does not hold products etc doesn’t work with the theme turned on. The cart is fine without it. Can you have a look? JM_Jasmine theme. I wiped all our products and did a fresh install of magento and the theme. Only installed slideshow and mega menu (slideshow not working though). This site needs to be launched very soon, please look at this issue. I see a similar thread related to magento versions but I need help regardless as seems to be different version issue.


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quanpa 0.00 $tone September 3, 2013

Hi rossod,

Please check your site again, I tried to access with this link but it seems to be an incorrect one

I check your folder structure via ftp and the default folder of magento is lost. Therefore, your site doesn’t function properly

PHP Code:


You can compare with folder structure of default magento installation and see the differences.

I think you need install new site magento and install template exactly including extensions into associated folder of magento.


Profile photo of Ross O'Dwyer 0.00 $tone September 3, 2013

But how come the store works okay without theme then?
Also did you edit core file? Site now does not work, fatal error.
Magento was installed via Softaculous
Fresh install of magento and theme done day before I posted. Same problem as before.
Please can you be more specific with the instructions for fixing this problem?

link is


quanpa 0.00 $tone September 4, 2013

There maybe something wrong with installation of magento via Softaculous. If your site doesn’t have much data (or backup your site first) and try to re-install this magento theme again. You can use quickstart of this theme or install it separately (install magento first then template).

If you need help on installing your site, I can help you.


Profile photo of Ross O'Dwyer 0.00 $tone September 4, 2013

Can you please answer the following:

1) I already re-installed both magento and the theme as I have explained now twice in this thread. Is this what you are asking me to do again, even though I have done this and it has not solved the issue.

2)When you say "there may something wrong with installation of magento via Softaculous", what do you mean?

3) Why do you think Magento site without theme works ok then with theme the cart does not work.

4) Why is the site now down? I have not touched it since requesting ticket. What did you do when viewing the file structure on FTP?

5) When you say "you can use quickstart", what do you mean? Please please try to explain these points in a way that makes sense, at the moment you are just saying "you can install the theme". I know I can, but it doesn’t work!!!

There is a timeline on this please please try to help using clear instructions. The client has paid for the theme and has seen himself that it causes the cart to not work, while the Magento store without theme works okay.

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Have added a free theme, there is no issue with the store like there was with JM Jasmine theme. Are you sure it’s not a problem with the theme or cart button etc?

quanpa 0.00 $tone September 5, 2013

Hi Rossod,

In regarding to your concerns, I could clarify as followings:

1) I have checked the structure and could confirm there was an error in the folders you installed. That means the Code folder in the App folder was disappeared, so the function of Magento would not work. Now, everything is reinstalled with full folders and Magento functions, it is working well. Kindly check it again.

2) When I checked in the FTP, I could not find the Code folder in the App folder. I saw another App folder containing JM Masshead extension instead of Code folder. Because this installation structure was not correct, there was nothing in the backend could be found. Henceforth, the folders were overridden or disappeared during the process of installation via Softaculous .

3) You could not find code folder. Let’s see that Cart function is in code\core. And this is answer for question why Magento does not work in the front-end function cart

4) I had a look at the structure of Magento site that you installed and the folder theme of our installation. There was nothing to be found in changing file or folder

5) I referred to our Quickstart installation Service which can help you get the theme version as our demo. it would be best if you can use this service ( $40 per domain) and our Dev team can support you with completed installation.
Hope this is clear and ping me at an time if you are in trouble !



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