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Where can I change the fonts of this theme? I could not find any guides for how to do this.

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To use custom font on your website you have a couple of options . . . .

  1. Use open source and free online fonts like google fonts and font squirrel (search free web font on Google).

2. Embed your local font in your website. here is how:

You ll need to convert your font to diffrent formats like: .eot, .svg, .ttf, .woff as diffrent browsers support diffrent formats. than add those fonts in your css like this: now use font like this:

There are several services available online that converts a given format to all other required like:

Then just include the css and now you can use it in your css like this, on any element you want.


html {     font-family: "eurostile", OtherFallbackFont; }

or for just headers:


h1 {     font-family: "eurostile", OtherFallbackFont; }

Hope That Helps


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