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After creating the categories and sub-categories I selected the “Joomlart” Mega menu Groups and created the menu items. So far so good. The items showed up like they should, but in wrong order. Normally you can change the order bij going to “Categories and drag&drop the item in position you like, but in this case this seems not to work.
My question is: Where or how can i effect the order of the menu items in the Crafts theme?
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In the Order field you can only select “first”or “last”. One must select the items using these option until desired order is reached. 

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Hi Hamed,
The JM Megamenu has been the limit feature like you want. For this time we only support the image @mall send you before. Please tell exactly what do you want for the JM Megamenu I will help you more perfect. 
In the next time, we will upgrade to new version and will have the new feature like you said now. For now still not yet.  
Hope you understand for this.  
Best Regards, 


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