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i was checking my site with the template and the one page checkout has a layout problem. the details for the checkout are on the footer i checked the theme.css file but i cant find it Attachment 18174 can you help me please

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ok i got rid of the layout but i m nt able to view the content nw and on firefox fire bug i m getting loads of this error element.className is undefined
for prototype.js…

this also makes the top navigation static

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well it is as the prototype.js file is throwing some error but i m trying to do a fresh install nw but you might be able to help me with something else Attachment 18236 in the picture have a look at the top navigation menu as it expands it goes in the slideshow can you tell me hw to fix it.. so the if the i expand the top menu it won’t go over the slideshow.. i m not sure which css file to look

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In order to make top nav menu as it expands over the slideshow, you kindly go to theme.css and make sure that:
-- z-index of menu is bigger than its in slideshow
-- position: relative


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