cms pages are not showing the content

Can anyone please help me!! 
I have the same problem as some others over here my website cms pages are not showing the content. But i don’t know how to fix. I search for answers but they are in private messages so i cannot see.

Please see the link:

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Hi, for others trying to figure out the solution without contacting support:
I’ve found what’s the issue here:
.cms-home #jm-container #jm-main {display:none}
Just remove that line and your content will appear. This rule should be only applied to the HOME page, I don’t know why the developer did this as a general rule.
Hopefully he can provide a proper fix, as sending FTP access isn’t always convenient..

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We developed it by the concept not need the content in the Home. you only need remove the code like you see and the content in home will show up.
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