Configurable Products Not Showing on Home page.

I have set up a configurable product. Marked in stock and enable. All the associated products are in stock and enabled. For some reason the configurable products do not show up on the home page. The simple products do. Any ideas? Here is my site. all the clothing items are configurable and the wallets are simple.

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Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone January 15, 2014

In your front-end can you search those products? Have you tried to remove caches, re-index…? You can pm me your admin and the FTP credentials, I will take a look to detect the root of issue.

Profile photo of Johnny Burt 0.00 $tone January 16, 2014

i figured out the issue this afternoon. I did a inventory import. For some reason it is not adding the imported configured product correctly. I have to duplicate the configurable products and the problem is fixed. Sucks but that is the only way I saw. Any ideas on your end?


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