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I have created a static block for my home page.

The block contains links to 12 categories.

It looks fine on a computer, but doesn’t work on a tablet or phone.

Can someone tell me how to achieve this please?

Ideally I would like it to display 4 blocks across by 3 down on a computer -- which it is doing ok

4 blocks across by 3 down on a tablet -- which it isn’t doing

1 block across and 12 down on a phone -- which it isn’t doing.

Many thanks in advance

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Profile photo of tomc 0.00 $tone September 2, 2014

Thank you for those links. None were exactly for this situation but the info in the second link kick started my brain and I have achieved it now.

Thank you.

Happy to have been able to assist with the "kick start"

All the best with your continuing site development.


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