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I am getting a bit confused trying to replace the product sliders on in the demo of the megamall.
I want to have a number of new products sliders to display new products within specific categories.
so on the home page there are a number of containers that have some random product sliders, I have made these containers to be for a specific category and want to display a new product slider for all of the items in that category (and sub categories)
How can i do this?

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Hi There,
First please read guide:
When you still can’t create please let me know I will help you add the sample. 
Best Regards,

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Is it best to create the slider or use the widget manager?
Also there is an option to show hot products as well, but in the product, i do not have an attribute for hot.
Do i need to create an attribute on all attribute sets? I have about 100 attribute sets and 30K products.

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I can get it to display new products by changing the code from one of the toy-kid-baby block.
This is the code i used to show the new products form within a number of categories, but there are about 300 categories i would to filter the products from within, so is ther way of selecting a category and all sub categories?
<a href=”/electrical-products.html”> view all </a></div>
{{block class=”Ubertheme\UbContentSlider\Block\Slider” name=”ub.hp.left.slider” title=”Home &amp; Pets” show_title=”0″ content_type=”latest_products” category_ids=”5311,5664,5820,5838,5665,5666,5667,5669,7018,7063,7064,7066,7067,7068,7063,7064″ show_desc=”0″ show_wishlist=”0″ show_compare=”0″ show_add_cart=”0″ show_navigation=”0″ show_paging=”0″ auto_run=”0″ number_items=”4″ number_items_desktop=”4″ }}</div>

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Hi There,
You can add multi or all subcategories if you add type like widget:
Best Regards,


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