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I can not display correctly any standard magento widget
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izyshoes 0.00 $tone February 6, 2014

@ Sherlock Holmes,

You are there once more to save me !!!

Take a look from my navigation menu to the static block appearing when selecting "Arrivals".
(you can choose the UK flag to get the English menu)
The widget code is placed bellow the "non working" Jm-Products/list code in "NewArrivals" static block.

This is the kind of widget I need to use bellow of some content like there or bellow the single product page.
For this particular case is the "catalog new products list" but I will use other instances like "recently compared Items" in other pages.
It is a question of showing the products in a grid format.
The space for each product is to large. normally with this widget we have a presentation of 5 products/line for 1 column layout. But I have no problem to show only 3/line. We just need to make them appear correctly in term of picture size, alignment etc.

Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone February 7, 2014

@ izyshoes,

I just took a look at your site and selected ARRIVALS page and I am not sure what’s widget there. Did you mean the widget does not display correctly in term of style/css? Meanwhile, you seem to have changed the admin account, I tried but could not access back-end to investigate.

izyshoes 0.00 $tone February 7, 2014

@ Sherlock Holmes,
Yes, I mean that by applying the theme changes, the widget is not displayed correctly anymore.
The problem is becoming bigger while JM-product/list is not working correctly in order to run it for similar purposes…

The credentials still the same. I haven’t change anything. I just check my self.
Could you try again?

izyshoes 0.00 $tone February 10, 2014

@ Sherlock Holmes,
thank you for your answer.

Actually at the top of the page we are seeing the JM-Products/list instance that has the well known problems of filtering the products that we can see.(the products shown has nothing to do with the latest products)
Just bellow you can see the standard magento "new products" widget but in this case the display is not ok when running under JM-Sporty because the products alignment and the other details are not showing correctly.
The standard Magento widget displays in one column format, 5 products in a row while now we can only see 2 +1+ 2 at broken lines

Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone February 11, 2014

The theme has no style for widget, thus it probably displays in mess. I am afraid it requires to add a lot of styles to get it displayed well which is beyond our support scope. Please find a developer to help you on this.

izyshoes 0.00 $tone February 11, 2014

thank you for your answer,
But Finally I am wondering, is there anybody that use this theme for a working shop?
Ok with demo, but demo has only 10 products and no need to sort them or display them in another way.
There is no way to display a list of products. We are working together for more than 2 weeks to get results but
JM-Products/list is not working properly in no way. I appreciate a lot your help, but I am also wondering when I will be able to stop commenting all blocks and go to the air…
A theme is not only the front page. We need basic e-commerce functionality.
All themes from every developer take under consideration all the basic magento instances or replacing them with working ones.
I could only say that we may replace in away the magento new product widget with JM-products, but how? It seems that there is not only problems of design but also problems with database queries.

Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone February 12, 2014

we hope for your understanding, Regarding the issue of Jm product slider, one of our staff has took it for fixing, once it got fixed we then don’t need to replace it by Jm product list !

izyshoes 0.00 $tone February 12, 2014

thanks a gain for your reply.

It is true that I opened different threads in order to solve various problems without mixing them but the fact that there are so many problems with those extensions and none is working correctly is making us always to mix them and be confused about the result that we need.
JM-product slider is a nice tool to attract customers and show them some products we have choose. It is one of the strong points of the template but since it is making the site too slow and till the developers can fix it, we can find another more traditional way to present the items in home page.

But I can not imagine an eshop without a list of new products and generally without lists of products that are not limited to one row…
This is why this kind of widgets belongs to the magento core.
Every eshop I know and every theme I have check has a way to show a list of newest products.
An eshop has thousands of products and customers shall quickly find what is new.

But since Jm-Product/List is functioning in an acceptable way and since I have report the functionality problems I am trying to find a way to have a list of new products that will present new arrivals.
additionally I have to find a way to expand my lists to several rows of products and if possible to use ajax loading to show more and more like described in the theme specs. But again Jm-Product/lists is not able to do it regardless its specs.

So you see that I am opening all those threads reporting various problems in order to find a way to make my shop work in short term and solve other issues later when developers will fix the bugs of the extensions.
if you thing that is difficult with magento widgets lets forget them and close this thread but we shall have another way to show new products.
Sincerely I am running out of time with this project. we are working together for a month by exchanging messages but I have not basic functionality for the site and I need to put it on air. At the end of the month max I have to replace the running shop with this one and I am ready to give up with Jm-Sporty and start with something else that may be not so fancy but will work.
Please understand my point too. I am a store owner and I have competitors that wants my market share.
I moved out from magento-go because of its limitations. I can not build a site that will not cover basic eshop navigation.

izyshoes 0.00 $tone February 13, 2014

I have only good words to tell about your support. You are always next to me to solve the problems.
My only problem is that I am running out of time and this is making me very anxious.

Lets focus to make JM-Product/list to work as described and showing really newest products and we can leave this issue of standard widget.
If we have full featured Jm-products/list I will not need standard magento widget.


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