Drop Down menu in main menu bug – maybe due to JM slideshow?


I have been working on installing a Magento shop with the JM Painite template. It’s working well, and I think I’m almost there, but there in one piece that I can’t seem to fix, and that is the pull down menu at


If you hover over a main category, the menu pops down fine, but when you want to click on a sub category, the menu disappears. And this only happens on the homepage. If you go to


the menu is working fine. Can it have something to do with the JM slideshow? A bug?

Hope someone can help out.



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Hi sharingcilantro,

How is your menu now? I checked your site, hovered on menu > ART POSTERS > Picasso, it works fine (the menu’s still there).

If it not, please give me a screenshot of what you see and what needs to be corrected.

will help you out then.

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Hello Hien,

A good evening to you. Thanks for your reply. We have been trying to solve this, but now we think it’s a cache issue, either in Safari or on the server, because on another computer it looks very fine indeed. It’s the strangest thing… attached a screen shot of my browser (see the empty bar above the large image).

If you have any tips, very welcome



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It seems that this strange bar is position for breadcrumbs. Does it appear only in homepage?
If so, you can try to remove breadcrumbs in homepage by going to:
Backend > CMS > Pages >Design > Page Layout> Layout Update XML
Add this code:


	<remove name="breadcrumbs" />

This only removes breadcrumb in homepage, and hope the empty bar would disappear.
Please try this and with you out then.


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