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I need to increase the size of the main image and additional image thumbs on the detail page of VM. I have already edited the width of the columns so the left side can support a larger main image (80/20 instead of 50/50), but I cannot find the code for image dimensions on the details page.

Example is: http://www.mann.greenlakestudio.com/…033-002-detail

The main image needs to be 525px wide and the additional thumbs need to be around 100px wide.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


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I found that if I turn off optimized in template I can now find the files needed to make necessary edits. Just in case anyone else has this problem…

You mean turning "Optimize CSS" to "No" within your Template Manager--General settings?

Yes, this is the tried-and-true way to be able to view/research and play around with one’s site’s CSS rules with an online web development tool like Firebug -- and it’s usually the first thing we ask when trying to assist with CSS related questions.

Good Job at figuring it out on your own !!!


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