Error 500

After installing your extension, in admin only at last step (no. 5), when I try to migrate products I get this error:
Error 500
include(Mage2CatalogProductEntityMediaGalleryValueToEntityPeer.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
For now I try to:
-- reinstall extension
-- reset this step couple times and retry to migrate 
-- reset ALL and start again. 
Same problem. On step 5 I still get this error. 
Can you please help my with a solution?
Thank you!

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Hi Calin,
The error 500 might relate to file / folder permission. The installation (incomplete deploy process etc.) might be part of the issue as well.
The Lite version comes with limited feature sets, and is mainly for testing purpose only (it does not support Nginx and available for Magento CE 2.0.7 only).
As per some recent similar cases, I highly recommend you consider to move forward with our Pro version which is fully compatible with the latest Magento CE 2 and in particular, the codebase of the latest version V3.0.2 is completely revamped, with various new features (Delta Migration, Command-line Interface so on).
In case you still wish to proceed a test migration with Lite version, please proceed with Magento 2.0.7. 
For your reference, we did use this version ourself to help – Migrate 382,047 customer entities to Magento 2 (
PS. Here you can find two tutorial videos: 
* Tutorial video for latest version — UB Data Migration Pro v3.0.2:
* Tutorial video for old version, including current UB Data Migration Lite:
(Ax you can see via the two videos above, the workflow in Pro v3.0.2 is completely different from the Lite version)
An Nguyen


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