Error at step 4

While i was configuring the steps when i went to step 4 -- categories I got this error
Error 500
unserialize(): Error at offset 49148 of 49151 bytes
Any tip on that?

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Hi there, 
It seems you have a large number of categories, please check and increase the PHP ‘max_input_vars’ value.
Then, you run the following command in your M2 database: 

ALTER TABLE `ub_migrate_step` CHANGE `setting_data` `setting_data` BLOB NULL DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'Settings Data';

Once done, you need to reset Step 4 using the command: php -f bin/ubdatamigration reset --step=4. 
Then, you continue following the workflow in our UI dashboard. 
Hope that helps. 

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Hi there, 
Glad that you figured it out at your end. 
In case you have any additional question, feel free to get back to us here.
Ubertheme team


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