ERROR: bad md5sum

When I install the Dibs payment method I got this issue

Did not download optional dependencies: magento-core/Mage_Core_Modules, use --alldeps to download automatically
magento-community/Meat_Dibs can optionally use package "magento-core/Mage_Core_Modules" (recommended version 1.0.19870.4)
downloading Meat_Dibs-0.9.6.tgz …
Starting to download Meat_Dibs-0.9.6.tgz (8,918 bytes)
. . …done: 8,918 bytes
ERROR: bad md5sum for file /home/lipesli/public_html/eventuell/sportsuper/app/code/community/Meatmedia/Dibs/etc/config.xml

Can anyone help me?

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