error in step 7

Hi ,
i have migrated till step-6 and getting error while starting step -7 .please see below error
The table “{{sales_order_status}}” for active record class “Mage1SalesOrderStatus” cannot be found in the database.


2374     /**
2375      * Constructor.
2376      * @param CActiveRecord $model the model instance
2377      * @throws CDbException if specified table for active record class cannot be found in the database
2378      */
2379     public function __construct($model)
2380     {
2381         $this->_modelClassName=get_class($model);
2383         $tableName=$model->tableName();
2384         if(($table=$model->getDbConnection()->getSchema()->getTable($tableName))===null)
2385             throw new CDbException(Yii::t('yii','The table "{table}" for active record class "{class}" cannot be found in the database.',
2386                 array('{class}'=>$this->_modelClassName,'{table}'=>$tableName)));
2388         if(($modelPk=$model->primaryKey())!==null || $table->primaryKey===null)
2389         {
2390             $table->primaryKey=$modelPk;
2391             if(is_string($table->primaryKey) && isset($table->columns[$table->primaryKey]))
2392                 $table->columns[$table->primaryKey]->isPrimaryKey=true;
2393             elseif(is_array($table->primaryKey))
2394             {
2395                 foreach($table->primaryKey as $name)
2396                 {
2397                     if(isset($table->columns[$name]))

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Hi Rajeev, 
The error message indicates that you’re using our old script on Github which we no longer maintain. We replace it with a newer version UB Data Migration Pro here.
We highly recommend you consider moving forward with our Pro version, as it will save you pretty much time. 
You can check out our a few case studies to learn more about our Pro version: 

-- We did use the Pro version ourself to help – Migrate 382,047 customer entities to Magento 2
-- And this case study as well -- used UB Data Migration Pro to migrate 230,000 products to Magento 2

Ubertheme team


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