Error installing ub_sportsgear_qs_without_ext

I chose to have a clean install of magento2 with sportsgear theme as per advice from your technical team.
During installation, at first, I was stopped out at 29% with error in console log which showed ‘mysql has gone away’. So I went to edit mysql configuration in ‘my.cnf’ as below

max_allowed_packet = 200M

It worked for this time but I still stucked at 49% with another error. But this time, the console log did not show me any error messages.

Module ‘Magento_CatalogWidget’:
Module ‘Magento_Wishlist’:
Running schema recurring…
DDL cache cleared successfully
Installing user configuration…

It just stopped at this level ‘Installing user configuration…’
Please help.

Esmond Wong

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Profile photo of Ziven Staff 100720.00 $tone September 4, 2017

Hi There,
I think this is problem from your server. But I will need check more detail and let you know why. Please share SSH,  FTP and phpMyAdmin. I will check and let you know soon.
Best Regards,

Profile photo of Esmond Wong 0.00 $tone September 4, 2017

Hi Ziven,
I am installing locally in my Macbook to test this theme first before I upload to my server. So basically I haven’t try in my Google Cloud Server yet. Is there anything I can do to help with you guys to troubleshoot my problems?
In my MacOS Sierra, I didn’t not use AMPPS or XAMPP stack. I used Homebrew to do all my apache, mysql and php installation.

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Finally, I got this theme to work. But not in my MacOS.
I installed it in my Windows 8 and it is working fine now. In Windows 8, I used XAMPP as my apache, mysql and php stack.


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