Error to save images in JM Slideshow

I have a problem on the website with the extension jmslideshow. 
Every time when I saved the message waiting shows up and I can’t do anything after that.
And when I come back to the site and try to go to the extension the same message appeared.
Especially when saved 4 images.
I auditioned with 3 images and saved normally

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Profile photo of Cezar Rosaneli 30.00 $tone May 6, 2016

I found that the error happens with the description
<div class=”desc-slide”><span class=”text-title”>Pampers</span><span class=”text-description”>Solução Completa</span></div>
I copied this description the template SlideShow JM Kidsland

Profile photo of Mall Staff 184060.00 $tone May 10, 2016

Hi Cezar Rosaneli,
I need a closer look to detect the root of issues as you said. Let’s provide me the admin and FTP credentials of your site.
I will check further and help you get out.


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