Errors after Installation Please Help!


We have bought the JM Topaz template for Magento but we’ve a lot of problems after installation.
We’ve installed the quickstart pack.

The checkout process is not going! the total cart dont appears…. the server looks to be well running and all the Magento needs are OK. We dont know why is all this happening. We need some help!!!

Thank you very much!!

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More issues:

In the product view the footer disappears.
When trying to checkout, the URL is: …/checkout/onepage/?___SID=U
And in the frontpage, below the header appears: countryRegions =


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my problem is that my shop only works with ‘Checkout as Guest’ ,
but when I use the Option ‘Register’ and input my Datas and Click ‘Continue’ it redirects
back to my Cart and i dont know why. I get no errors or something else who helps me to fix this problem.

With ‘Checkout with Multiple Addresses’ it works fine -- no errors and a successful register.

I think its a problem with the opcheckout.js or checkout.xml -- i have made no changes here.
I only updated Magento to Version

Anyone out there who can help me to solve my problem ??



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