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I’m considering purchasing the UB Data Migration Pro extension but I’m wondering- in order for the extension to update product and category data on our M2 site, do we need to have the extension installed before the initial data migration? Ultimately here’s the scenario that we’re in: 

  • We have already migrated the data from M1 to M2 months ago. 
  • We just ran a delta migration and discovered this does not bring over new products, etc. 
  • We want to use your extension to update the products on the M2 site that have changed on the M1 site but aren’t sure if it’s possible since we didn’t have the extension when we ran the first migration…

The other alternative if your extension won’t work is that we will have to run another full migration which we’d like to avoid if possible. 
Thank you and let me know if there is any further information I can provide, 

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Hi Jared, 
If you used another migration tool for your first migration, we’re afraid it’s not possible to use our UB Data Migration Pro for delta migration phase. 
From our experience with many data migration projects so far, our recommended workflow is to start proceed data migration on a fresh Magento 2 instance first, once done you start integrating theme/extensions then. 
Even though you need to run full migration from ground up again, our migration tool will save you tons of time. 
You can take a look at recent data migration case studies to learn more about our Pro version
-- Winetasting.com – Migrate 382,047 customer entities to Magento 2
-- Freelaunch.nl used UB Data Migration Pro to migrate 230,000 products to Magento 2
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