Faster migration needed

AWSEC2 -- We are on SSD hard disk, CPUs from 4 CPU cores @2.7 GHz, 16 GB RAM
RDS for Database , both m1 and m2 database are present here.

We have installed php memcache.
Commented and Uncommented the lines that you suggest in

Started migration
Still we do not see data migration is faster. Could you please help on this

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Hi there,
If you can enable Keep Original IDs, it would help to improve the performance better. Regarding the server, if possible, please consider to upgrade to a stronger one. 
PS. Since our team is off during the weekend, our apology for certain delay in response if you reach out to us during this time. 
Ubertheme team 

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Hi there,

What stronger specs you suggest ?

If you do not enable “Keep Original IDs’, there will be many contexts that our migration tool still needs to scan your Magento 2 database objects to get the IDs respectively after being migrated to Magento 2. If ‘Keep Original IDs’ enabled, such access to Magento 2 db after migration is not needed which saves connection time in those contexts. 
For example, when you skip “Keep Original IDs’ in Step 5 -- Products, then in Step 7 -- Sales, our migration tool has to scan migrated data in M2 to retrieve the new product IDs to get associated data objects. This in return adds weight the migration performance. 



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