few problems with this template

First of all … I don’t expect answer as I see nobody answer and there is no support on magento forum. Frankly that is why I bought this template counting on it. ..but oh well life is life.

But there some issues I am going to address them as soon as I have time and post fixes some of them I worked out myself, some with help of the other people.

It is confusing when you learn new software and you deal with double bugs .. one from new software, another from template itself.. and no support.

Ok Have anyone realised that while logging into account you got double boxes for check out for example. This only happen with template. If you use just magento or other templates all works fine.

Anyhow if anyone seen this one and fix .. would be nice to share.

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Profile photo of John Brett 0.00 $tone May 30, 2009

Can you provide a URL so we can further diagnose your issue? And not sure by what you mean by "Double Boxes". Could you explain further what you’re seeing…or perhaps provide a URL or screenshot.


Profile photo of Urszula Dziki 0.00 $tone May 31, 2009

Thank you John Here is what I am talking about. I removed compare products ( wines in this case) and they don’t show on any page as it should. On this page this box showing and on top of it another lovely cart box pop up too.

theprofessor 0.00 $tone May 31, 2009

I know this would be really simple…but is there a chance that you have somehow copied those modules and published them twice?

Profile photo of Urszula Dziki 0.00 $tone May 31, 2009

Nope, actually I remove one of them totally…compare wines I removed…as it was not useful for this client. They don’t show on any pages. They only show when you log in to account. So I am just looking where they might be …..definitely not in checkout.xml

So that is a good question ..that is what I am thinking module must be published twice ……but where? lol

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing …I can end up bold after this…..as every time I pull my hair out of my head.

By the way it is in the template somewhere…..so I am searching now. As soon as i switch to default magento it is all way it should. No doubles. So I am trying to work out where it might be.


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