Filter on homepage doesnt work


the filter on the homepage doesn

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Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone January 23, 2014

@ viertelpunkt,

If you have created a configurable product based on the attribute color, I don’t think you can filter it with a specific color, you can try it with default magento filter to check on this.
Regarding the issue of product page, please post your site url here so that I can take a closer look.

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HI Sherlock,

thanks for your answer.

I have checked it. I can filter with the default magento filter. If I click an a category an have the filter activeted the filter works. Only on the homepage it doesn

Profile photo of Sherlock 0.00 $tone January 23, 2014

I have checked but could not see it works as mentioned, when I filtered by a specific color, the filter does not display configurable product, please check again.

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I think you could not set a specific color to a configurable product, anyway please let me know a your Configurable product name and PM me your url, admin credentials, I will have a closer look.

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I still could not get the category work as you mentioned at my end. You could not use default magento filter on homepage, it can be used in category pages only.

It would be best if you can put your site online, then I can help to check further.

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@ viertelpunkt,

I am sorry for this late reply, to change the "guys" text you can open the app\design\frontend\default\jm_siotis\layout\page. xml file, then you would see:

HTML Code:

  <block type="joomlart_jmmasshead/core" name="jmmasshead"  >
					   <action method="setData"><name>title</name><value>Guys</value></action>
					   <action method="setData"><name>background</name><value>wysiwyg/banner-catalog.jpg</value></action>

You can change the guys text here.

The filter does not work in product view page, it works for categories page only, you can check default magento filter to see the same.


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