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Hi there,
I want to include a hidden field into my checkout page but I don’t know the exact folder to find the page.
Do you know exactly where could I get it?
I’ve already browse into app/design/frontend/default/jm_aroma/template/checkout/ but I’m not sure where to place my code.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi There,
Please try to folder “app\design\frontend\default\jm_aroma\template\checkout\onepage”
But I’m not sure what is exactly you want? 
Best Regards,

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Hi Ziven,
Thanks for your response.
What I want is to place my order into my Lightspeed account and I’ve already installed a Magento extension to do this.
But to place the order on a specific store I need to send a variable on the checkout page. And the folder you mention it’s the one I’m checking but I’m not sure in which file should I include the variable.
Because on the checkout page I can see that is divided into 6 steps and each file belongs to a specific step. For this reason, I don’t know exactly into which file should I include the variable in order to send it with the rest of the information.


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