How do I get the Main Menu to Appear?

Is the Main Menu on Adamite a static block? Or is it built in? I am having no success with it. Please help me to make it appear. Thank you.

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I started over, installed using the quickstart. Now I’m having problems with this installation. I put in the information for the configuration, click continue and the installation just stops, on a blank page. at quickstart/install/wizard/configPost … I mean, what is that? I didn’t need all this trouble at this price. Please tell me something

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The installation instruction are scattered. It is clearly stated that using the "Quickstart" is the best way to start a Magento site, but if you are like us, and had a Magento site that came with your host, and try to follow the installation guides, you will have little success.

What I did to make things work, is just overwrite ALL of the already function Magento files, with the files inside of the "Quickstart" folder.

It seems as if everything is operational now. Day 3.


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