How do I reposition the drop down menu

I have the mega menu as part on my sportsgear theme but the submenus drop down directly below the menu item and doesn’t display correctly as part of the menu is cut off.
My website is at look at the Lighting menu. Is there a way I can adjust the positions for the menus when they drop down?

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Hi Matthew,
#1: Please PM me your site’s url, admin and ftp credentials, I’ll detect the root of issue for troubleshooting.
#2: Have config in admin -> Joomlart -> JM MegaMenu -> Settings -> Animation Type 
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 Hi Ziven,
It makes no difference if I have the animation enabled or disabled.  Is there an easy way I can move the whole menu so that it sits on the left next to my logo?
the site address is

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Hi Matthew,
Yes. Please go to the file: skin/frontend/default/jm_travelgear/css/styles.css at line 895 and change the float: right to float: left like under code:

#jm-mainnav { float: left; height: 45px; margin: 18px 0; width: auto; }

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