how to change color and theme on JM Asenti

Hello guys!

I am uing JM Asenti.

how can I change the color code of Default theme?

I dont know yet if it uses some image as background on blocks, or uses a color code..

however I need to change it to something customized by me.. If it is an image.. where could that be located, or if it is a color code, what file/path/strign sets the color for the theme?

best regards to all, and thanks!

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Hi rcerrato,

Do you mean that you want to change default color of theme?

Go to this File : app\design\frontend\default\your_default_template\ template\page\ja_vars.php

1) How to make the default colour to be Blue?

Replace this code






2) How to remove/hide/disable the colour menu from appearing?

Find this code and replace this code


$_params->set('usertool_color', 4); //0: disable, 4: show colors tools



$_params->set('usertool_color', 0); //0: disable, 4: show colors tools

Once Done Clear your Magento cache, browser cache to see the changes.


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Thanks very much Saguaros!
it works!

is that the only way I can simply hide that menu items? not like in joomla where you can doit by menu manager or module manager?

thanks again!


Profile photo of Saguaros 0.00 $tone November 2, 2012

Hi again,

That’s a great idea, we shall consider to improve it in near future, currently, I’m afraid that it’s only way to change.

Best Regards.


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