How to change Slideshow size

I want to change slideshow size from 1900×600 to let say 900×700, I did change seting in slideshow options but that is streching my images to 1900, looks like it is taking this setting from CSS (width is auto or something) can some one help.


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quanpa 0.00 $tone August 26, 2013

Hi Vijay !
Images slideshow have size 1900x600px, if you want to change image size, you need change ratio of images correct. Here, if change follow width ratio, size of images are 900x284px, or follow height ratio, size of images are 2217x700px. In addition, slideshow have javascript to do resize images follow screen ratio. Anyway, you can add your images slideshow in folder contain it and change option slideshow backend follow size of images you add.
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