How to config on mobile view?

My mobile view only display top sellings and new arrival, where do I config which static blocks to display on mobile view?

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It’s top sellings and new arrivals, their behavior is very strange, in mobile only new arrival shows and only 2 products are showing.

I’ve configured products to display 4 products in mobile view, and no static block are overriding jm_product.

Would you tell me which CSS to configure mobile view and which modules to include?

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It’s JM Product Extension,
Please go to admin -> joomlart -> jm product -> mobile, You will see setting for mobile product like this screen

Thanks, I configured exactly like that, but if I change those parameters, front end does not change accordingly, e.g. if I change number of product to 0, it will not display all products.

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Yes. It will show all if you input number 0.

If you want to hide it, please add new css rule. Tell me how you want it I will try to find a solution for you.


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