How to create multiple menus?

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I have created two menu’s for our site, One for top menu(cms pages) and the other for vertical menu(categories), I have edited the menu in megamall theme so the vertical menu is displaying well for home page. I have created a new menu called topmenu and want to include in the header by removing content of topmenu.phtml. How to call the newly created menu?
Please advice.

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Hi There,
To create the new Megamenu please try see this docs:

How to use & show in your FrontEnd:

#Put bellow code to any position you want in your layout:

#Option 1:
<block type="jmmegamenu/jmmegamenu" name="left.jmmegamenu1" before="-">
<action method="addData"><data><menu_group_id>12</menu_group_id></data></action>
<action method="addData"><data><addition_class>vertical-mega-menu</addition_class></data></action>

#Option 2:
<block type="jmmegamenu/jmmegamenu" name="left.jmmegamenu2" before="-">
<action method="addData"><data><menu_key>YOUR_MENU_KEY</menu_key></data></action>
<action method="addData"><data><addition_class>CSS_CLASS_NAME</addition_class></data></action>

#Option 3: Call in CMS page
{{block type="jmmegamenu/jmmegamenu" name="left.jmmegamenu2" menu_group_id="13"}}

#Option 4: Call in CMS page
#Use vertical style in default of Jm Megamenu, we can use bellow code:
{{block type="jmmegamenu/jmmegamenu" name="left.jmmegamenu2" menu_group_id="13" addition_class="vertical-mega-menu" }}

#Optional params:
animation (value optionals: none, jaws, fence, venitian, fly, papercut, fan, wave, helix, pop, linear, bounce, winding, shield)

Hope it will help you.
Best Regard,


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