How to Disable/Edit Color Menu Item in Magento templates?

1. Disable Color Menu Item in Magento templates:

Go to: app\design\frontend\default\jm_nametemplate\ page\ja_vars.php:…%27s_Color.png

Find the PHP codeline and set the parameter is 0:

PHP Code:

$_params->set('usertool_font'0); //0: disable, 2: show font tools
$_params->set('usertool_color'0); //0: disable, 4: show colors tools 

2. Add more Colors in Magento templates:

You can configure the color theme with any color you expect as our demo site by editing file: app\design\frontend\default\jm_nametemplate\ page\ja_vars.php

Find the PHP Code line: $_params->set(‘ja_color’,’default’);//default, red, blue

Please kindly replace with:
PHP Code:
$_params->set(‘ja_color’,’light’);//’default’,’blue’,’red’,’teal’,’gray’,’green’,’yell ow’,’cream’,’light’

#Supported colors
$tmpTools->setColorThemes (array(‘default’,’blue’,’red’,’teal’,’gray’,’green’,’yell ow’,’cream’,’light’ ));

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Profile photo of Ashleigh Caffey 0.00 $tone July 21, 2011

How do I get rid of the ‘Minisite’s Color’ menu altogether? I do not want it on the website. Please help me delete it. I have the pink color activated and that’s how I want the site viewed.

Profile photo of thangnn1510 0.00 $tone July 22, 2011

Please change this:

$_params->set(‘usertool_color’, 4); //0: disable, 4: show colors tools


$_params->set(‘usertool_color’, 0); //0: disable, 4: show colors tools

in ja_vars.php


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