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I’m hosting my development site locally with apache.  When I click on the UB Data Migration Pro menu option, it results in a page with the header, “UB Data Migration Pro (CE) -- 3.1.9”, but a 404 error screen underneath.  So far, all the other help questions haven’t solved my problem.  What can I do to fix this?  Thank you!

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Hi Isaac Phillips, 
We wonder if you have tried to check and update the files, folder as per the section 9. Troubleshooting & FAQs in our Readme manual that comes packed with your download package? 
If the issue still persists then, please consider moving to a staging instance where we can take a closer look to debug for you. 
Ubertheme team

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Thanks for your response.  I have gone through the troubleshooting steps in the manual, but it didn’t help.  One question I have regarding that is, in my “pub/ub-tool/index.php” file, I don’t have either of the commented lines mentioned in the Readme manual.  I am still getting the 404 error.  What needs to be debugged?

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Hi Isaac Phillips,

What needs to be debugged?

It seems your server is Nginx. For Nginx server, you need to implement some extra settings with as indicated in the Readme.html manual that comes packed with your download package.

If you already add all needed setting for Nginx but the Not Found issue still persists, please provide me information below, I will help to check further: 

  • URL and Admin credentials of your M2 instance
  • SSH credentials which has sufficient permission to control the Nginx settings of your M2 instance
  • Let me know the path to the M2 folder

PS. Please make sure you post your site info in a private reply, or simply switch this ticket to private mode. Then only you and our technical team can access.


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Hi Mall,
Thanks for your reply.  I was able to fix this, here’s how:
I found that in “\Ubertheme\Ubdatamigration\Block\Index” the “getToolUrl()” function was adding “pub/” into the url.  Because of “pub/” being added, it made the url invalid, and that’s the reason for the 404 error I was getting.
Instead of just editing the core code to remove the “pub/” addition to the url, to follow along with Magento 2 best practice, I added my own module, and created an “after” plugin for “Ubertheme\Ubdatamigration\Block\Index::getToolUrl()” that removed “pub/”.
Here’s what I did:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<config xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:ObjectManager/etc/config.xsd">
<type name="Ubertheme\Ubdatamigration\Block\Index">
<plugin name="{{vendor}}_UbMigrationFix::tool_url_fix" type="{{vendor}}\UbMigrationFix\Plugin\ToolUrlEdit"/>


namespace {{vendor}}\UbMigrationFix\Plugin

class ToolUrlEdit
public function afterGetToolUrl(\Ubertheme\Ubdatamigration\Block\Index $subject, $toolUrl)
if (strpos($toolUrl, "pub/")) {
$toolUrl = str_replace("pub/", "", $toolUrl);
return $toolUrl;

This fixed the 404 and I was able to migrate the data successfully.  Hope this helps someone else!

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Hi Isaac Phillips, 

It seems your server has special setting that affected the installation process.
The root cause of Not Found issue might associate with various circumstances. Your suggested workaround is one option. If we did have a chance to take a closer look into your instance, we might have a more specific clarification and workaround then.
Ubertheme team

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Hi @Monstermediainc
Please continue the migration process at your end. In case you have any additional question, please submit a new ticket, we will follow up with you then.
Ubertheme team


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